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About Us

In 1930, Christe Stefanovich came to America from a small Macedonian village in Yugoslavia. His dream mwas to create a future for himself, and send for his wife and son to join him in America. In 1951, Christe was able to purchase a piece of property right here in West Seneca at the southwest corner of Union and Clinton. Christe’s remained in that location until a fire destroyed the building in 1975.

Christe’s son, Karl, ventured out on his own in 1970, and purchased a hot dog stand in Lackawanna. That restaurant, which his daughter Diana helped operate, and eventually took over, thrived for more than 30 years.

Diana then opened Christe’s in the Elma Village Plaza. That location moved to its current location at the Southgate Plaza, back in West Seneca, where it all started.

Diana’s son, Brian, now helps to operate the restaurant, and carry on the fourth generation of hospitality.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please, make yourself at home!

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